Tuesday, January 20, 2015


About Bloomed Out

Everything is a growth stage. As my body developed from one cell into a
baby birthed and from there into a child, an adolescent, and an adult, so
do I as an individualized mind grow in consciousness. What I valued
yesterday I may discard tomorrow, even as I let go of toy balloons and
sandboxes for the tools of my vocation. Every growth phase has its
intrinsic value. Climbing a ladder, that rung I reached for becomes the
rung I stand upon, and then leave behind. Gratefully, I value the support
in each phase and bless it as I let it go. I grow as guided. And so it is.


Sunday, January 18, 2015


Unfurling Parrot Tulip

The Life I am comes into focus now. My mind sharpens its contact with
my Source. I see newly my nature and Identity. I see this holiness in all
people. Nothing in me denies this holiness. Everything in me owns and
accepts my natural sacredness. I recognize with reverence this same
Grace in all I meet and in all situations. Underneath the culturally
sanctioned condemnation is still the Eternal Babe in all. I will not be
pushed around by the opinions of the world, but stay at Home with
Love, Wisdom, Strength. I remember with gratitude: I AM. And so it is.


Friday, January 16, 2015


Mt Rainier at Sunset

"I am Spirit, Mind, Wisdom, Strength, Wholeness."
I know my genuine Self as I become quiet and sink into
my Beingness. Deeper than every memory of events and
my emotional reaction to them is the remembrance of my
Being and Nature. In silence, I remember now.
Gratefully I breathe in new life. And so it is.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015


White Irises

I am on the best of terms with all people. All people are on the best of
terms with me. I enjoy harmony and fun with all people. All people enjoy
harmony and fun with me. My relationships are my treasures and I treat
them that way. All people's relationship with me is treasured and treated
as such. I am at peace with my world of people because I am at peace
with my Self and my Source. I am so grateful for love, respect, acceptance
and appreciation for all people, including my Self. And so it is.


Thursday, January 8, 2015


Yellow Azaleas

Deep within me is a glow and warmth I did not create. This is the true
and real Identity I was given in the flash of my creation. I have no
jurisdiction over this Self; only Its Author does. I am free to reject, to
cover up this Truth Within, but I cannot alter It. I am also free to accept
humbly and gladly this All-Loving Reality. Today I refuse to confuse my Self
with little and limited self-concepts I made. Gratefully, I accept the help
here in my own mind. This glow is also the Knower of Truth. I listen to
and welcome Truth into my awareness. And so it is.


Wednesday, January 7, 2015


First Try A017

I am shot through with joy. Happiness is my default position.
My heart is open to the ever-expanding Love. I know I live,
move and have my being in continuous Safety. I shed this
Peace abroad. I send out this Love. I am constantly replenished
from an inexhaustible Source. Only joy and love can return
to me. I am so grateful to be a distributor of Divine Livingness.
And so it is.


Sunday, January 4, 2015


Whites and Yellows

Just as the sun shines, so shines the created Identity that I am. Do I
notice this Light? Do I see It in all people and all things? I must look
from Its Source to see It as It is and where It is. For this Light is an
Awareness of Which I become conscious as I look from Its own
viewpoint. The Illimitable Mind views all from this Awareness,
always. I am not apart from this omnipresent Mind. I am grateful
that Its viewpoint is no farther than my willingness to know as
It knows. Gratefully I can see the Light I am today. And so it is.